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What it offers?

Caretta Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (CAVOS) has been integrated within our vehicles and can be expanded accordingly for the upcoming or other available hardware solutions. 


CAVOS is divided into three different main branches which all can communicate with each other. 


  1. Attitude controller section with an implemented safety measures to recover the vehicle as any failure always have to be planned in advance
  2. Smart GPS software to switch between ground vehicle and underwater GPS according to hardware situation.
  3. Machine learning section containing the trained models for each specific application and/or objects
  4. Ground Control side with capabilities such as:
  • customized UI/UX for the customer to be able to have control over the vehicle 
  • Multiple camera feeds view
  • Mission planning
  • Maps to show vehicle’s current location
  • Logging and failsafe controls
  • Live heading and vehicle orientation info
  • HUD with the capability to show sensor readings while operating
  • Manual control for specific cases

Our attitude control software in addition to our ground control software have been built on top of open source software to be capable of underwater GPS measurements. 

“We cannot find any software more handy to be customized than CAVOS”

Caretta Robotics Species Detection Video
Caretta Robotics PC Species Detection Video